Unlock the endless possibilities of LCredits with the LoyalWallet, the universal customer loyalty app. Earn and redeem, send and receive, convert and exchange, and more!

Earn and Redeem

Gain rewards points with one tap, and use them to redeem perks across several stores, with just one easy-to-use customer loyalty app.

Send and Receive

Maintain rewarding ties with your loved ones. Use your LCredits points to send something valuable to your friends and family.

Convert and Exchange

Unlock more uses for your LCredits, beyond the usual store perks. Do you want money or other tokens? We can handle that for you.


What can I do with LoyalWallet?

With the LoyalWallet customer loyalty app, you can earn LCredits as reward points for your purchases at partner establishments, redeem rewards offered by any of those merchants, send or receive LoyalCoins seamlessly, and even convert LCredits into other assets.

How do I use LoyalWallet?

To earn LCredits with the LoyalWallet, just buy your favorite products from a merchant issuing LCredits, and have the cashier scan your app. To redeem items, just show your QR code to the cashier at the store where you want your redeems, and get your redeemed item in exchange for your LCredits.

Where can I use LoyalWallet?

You can use the LoyalWallet on all the merchants on this page.

Why should I use LoyalWallet?

First of all, you’ll have one place to store all your rewards, making your loyalty experience more rewarding and convenient. Second, you’ll receive not just any reward point, you’re getting LCredits, which you can use in more ways than any reward point our there.

Will there be more features on the LoyalWallet customer loyalty app?

We constantly update the LoyalWallet app to feature more merchants that we sign up, as well as new functions that will make your LoyalWallet more essential to your life.

Certain functions related to LoyalCoin may not be fully launched at the moment. LoyalCoin plans to provide updates regarding the progress of these features when necessary.