With LCredits, you won’t have to remember all the points you have from all customer loyalty rewards programs you joined. We make it more possible for you to stay loyal to your choices.


Since LCredits is just one token system for all customer loyalty rewards, you will find it easier than before to use your points well and avoid waste


Behold the first loyalty point you can use on your bills, flights, rides, and more. Free yourself from having to use your rewards on one store only


Keep your points secure on your phone. Say goodbye to having to keep many cards with you


What can I do with LCredits?

LCredits is a blockchain-based customer loyalty rewards point. This means that LCreditsis a point you earn from brands that issue it as a form of loyalty reward. What’s different about this point is that it is built on the latest blockchain technology, making it possible to use your points on more than just redeeming rewards and perks from your favorite brands.

How do I use LCredits?

Use the LCredits you earned as a loyalty point to redeem rewards from a variety of brands that accept LCredits. In addition, you can convert your LCredits to other assets like cash or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ether, and XEM, through our partner institutions.

Where can I use LCredits?

Right now, LCredits has numerous partner merchants from which you can redeem rewards, bonus items, and other perks. For a complete list of establishments where you can use your LCredits, click here.

Why should I use LCredits?

Unlike typical customer loyalty rewards points, which stay at a certain brand and usually don’t have much conversion value, LoyalCoin allows customers to use just one easy-to-remember rewards point on as many functions and purposes as possible within the coalition of merchants that support LoyalCoin.

How do I get more LCredits?

You can earn LCredits by buying products and services from brands that issue LCredits as a customer reward. Also, you can get more LCredits from exchanges like Kryptono and VantageX.

How much is one LCredits?

As LCredits is blockchain-backed, the value of LCredits (as shown on the top right part of this website) can vary depending on the price movement in the exchanges.

Certain functions related to LCredits may not be fully launched at the moment. LCredits plans to provide updates regarding the progress of these features when necessary.